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Hi! I am

  De Jesus

I help female entrepreneurs & bloggers go from overwhelmed in marketing & sales to having a simple & profitable marketing strategy in the next 6 months or less by using effective Pinterest strategies.

About Me

Me & my husband
My Daughter

I’m a mother of one lovely daughter and a wife to an amazing man. I’m a very optimistic person who loves music, a bookworm and a coffee lover.

I also love nature! It helps my creative juices flowing! A perfect day for me is a day reading books that I love (I currently have 40 books in line I’m dying to read!!), drinking my coffee in front of the window facing the nature – peace, and quiet.

I’m proud to say that I’m a Christian. Therefore I believe God put me where I am now to help you grow your business and pursue whatever passion you have in life.

So, how did I get here?

I’ve been in a corporate job for more than 5 years as a Humana Insurance customer service in a BPO company.

I worked hard at night and sleep in the morning, I still managed to do my role as a wife, mother, and an employee– but it didn’t last long.

As I started to become used to my work, I started to get company incentives.

It makes me happy to see that my hard work pays off. But then I started to spend more time on my work and it became my priority.

My husband and daughter are starting to see and feel that I am prioritizing my work instead of them. I am starting to neglect the God-given task as a mother.

Don’t get me wrong. All I want is for my daughter to have all the good things in life. And that includes having a secure future, so I worked so hard to the point that I neglect my family.

me & colleague
colleague Christmas party

I Choose To Be My Own Boss...

So to make the long story short, I was able to find a way to work from home as a Virtual Assistant, then I found my heart on Pinterest. 

I long to give my daughter a good life but what I want the most is to spend time with her and with my husband. Thus I quit my corporate job. I started to be my own boss, spend more time with my family and to make more money. 

That’s what I want for you too, to have more time with your family. To be successful in your business using Pinterest, driving tons of traffic, and sales to your website. Guide you in helping people with your products & services leveraging Pinterest.

And here's how Pinterest will help you

Organic Traffic To Your Website

I’ve been working on Pinterest accounts for almost two (2) years. I’ve worked on other social media platforms and Pinterest is very different but it delivers great results if the account is optimized properly – and consistently.

With the right Pinterest strategies, you have unlimited possibilities to get your audience to visit your website! Drive a buying customer directly to your website – all with organic traffic!

I am here to help you get maximum exposure on Pinterest to reach the right audience. I’ll help you lead a more targeted audience to your website, people who’re ready to buy your amazing products & services.

Brand Recognition

You’ll get more brand exposure using Pinterest strategy tailored to your brand. Furthermore, you’ll get more time for your family. More time to scale your business! You can do the things that you love and you’re good at. You can finally spend more time creating contents your audience will love.

Ready to grow your business?

Want those tons of traffic to your website and get that extra time that you needed for your business & your family?

Do you want to win the game of Pinterest?