Best Free & Paid Blogging Courses (To Monetize Your Blog)

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Looking for the best blogging courses to take? I gathered these blogging courses for you so you won’t waste your time scraping the internet (like what I did)! These blogging courses will help you grow and monetize your blog from beginning to end.

When I started blogging, I spent (and wasted) lots of time researching the internet. Additionally, as a new blogger, I told myself I would not enroll in any blogging course, only the free ones. And boy I was so wrong! It  is a wrong mindset. If you’re wanting to monetize your blog, you should learn how to invest in it too.

But you should be wise in choosing where to invest in too! That’s why I’m here to give you all the details you should know about these blogging courses you can take.

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. I recommend them because they are helpful and useful.

Is there any course for blogging?

Absolutely! There are lots and lots of blogging courses all around the internet. And with that in mind, you need to make sure that the blogging courses you’ll take are up to date. In this blog you’ll know the best blogging courses you can take from free to paid courses.

Are blogging courses worth it?

It definitely is! If I haven’t take any blogging courses before, I would’ve made huge mistakes on my blog. You wouldn’t want to create your entire website and find out that the plugins and your theme is not working together.

By investing with blogging courses, it will save you money and time. Plus you’ll get a trusted community to support you and you can refer to whenever you’re confused.

Let’s now dive in to these best blogging courses you can take!

16 best blogging courses

Free Best Blogging Courses

Course Creator: Cate Rosales

This free blogging course is perfect for brand new bloggers! It’s free but it gives you tons of value. Inside you’ll learn about:
  • Choosing the right name and niche for your blog
  • How you can easily set up hosting a website for your blog
  • Step-by-step guide to mastering
  • Setting up your Google Analytics + legal pages
  • Writing and optimizing your blog posts with proper SEO
  • How you can monetize your blog
  • The REAL cost of running your blog during the first year

You can grab and try Cate Rosales’ free course here and learn more.

Course Creator: Suzi Whitford

Suzi is one of my favorite  blogger and course creator. She always provide great value even in free courses! The Blog Plan is also a great start if you’re a beginner blogger. Inside the free course, you’ll get 11 pages 12 Month Blog Plan Printables. This course will help you:

  • Discover what type of blog you should start
  • Learn how exactly blogs make money
  • What to call your blog
  • Plan ahead of time what to write, and how to monetize your content

This is a must for every beginner blogger, even for intermediate ones! Try it out here.

Course Creator: Ell Duclos

This blogging course is great for those bloggers who have established their website already but want to improve their blog traffic. In this course, Ell will help you set up your blog for success + practice the BEST Blog traffic strategies. Plus once you’ve finished the course you’ll get a generous discount on her e-courses (I enrolled in her amazing Pinterest course!)

Take a look at what you’ll get inside the course:

  • Ultimate Blog Essentials Checklist

  • Actionable steps and guide on how to use Social Media to skyrocket your blog traffic

  • Blog Clean Up. You’ll be guided if your blog is SEO optimized, up to date and a checklist of what’s included in all your posts

  • How to build your email list, tips and opt in ideas to grow your list

    Free guide on how to consistently put out your best content and how to be a consistent blogger

You’re blog will be on the next level if you take action and follow the guide inside. Go ahead and try it out now!

Course Creator: Lucrezia 

This is a 5-day comprehensive email course. A great blogging course every beginner blogger should take! I personally took the course as well, enjoyed it (and purchased Lucrezia’s very affordable Legal Templates for my blog!)
I highly recommend taking this course. It is jam-packed with practical strategies, actionable tips, and action steps you can apply right away. Inside you’ll be able to learn:
  • How to define your niche & pick the right domain
  • How you can set up your blog the right way
  • How you can write valuable and shareable content
  • Effective was to drive traffic to your blog
  • Effective SEO strategies for new bloggers
  • Effective Pinterest strategies for new bloggers
  • How to grow your email list
  • Different ways to monetize your blog

This course will help you set apart from an average new blogger! Plus at the end of the lesson, you’ll get awesome deals and freebies exclusively for course takers! Check it out here now.

Course Creator: Sasha Lassey

I haven’t had a chance to take a look at this first because I purchased one of her course within the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit bundle. Nevertheless, this free course is a complete guide for beginner bloggers. You got to download 15 pages pdf guide, then do the lesson activity along with the guide to walk you through getting your blog started.

In this free blogging course you’ll get to:

  • Create a blog plan
  • Find your audience
  • Choose your blog name
  • Set up blog hosting
  • WordPress checklist 
  • Tips for creating your very first blog post

This free blogging course offers tons of value every blogger should know about. You can grab it here.

Course Creator: Kelan & Brittany Kline

This blogging course offers a great content value, considering it is free! I can’t recommend their course enough. You should take this free blogging course and see for yourself how it will help you jumpstart your blogging business. Inside the course, you’ll learn: 

  • The perfect blog you should start
  • How blogs actually make money
  • Simple step-by-step process to start your own blog
  • Access to an exclusive BLOG PLANNER
  • How to avoid the biggest beginner BLOGGING MISTAKES
  • Personal expert BLOGGING SECRETS Kelan & Brittany Kline have learned first hand
  • How to stop feeling confused and frustrated

If you find yourself confused and frustrated about blogging. This is right for you. You can access it here.

Course Creator: Marina

I included this Pinterest course because as a new blogger, it takes time to get traffic from Google. On the other hand, social media platforms now pay-to-play games, and since you’re new to blogging, you don’t have enough money to use yet for ads.

This course is for beginner & intermediate bloggers to grow their blog using Pinterest. Here’s what you’ll get on Marina’s Pinterest email course (which I highly recommend for new bloggers!)

  • Why Pinterest can help your blog grow.
  • Why is so important to get a business account and how to get one
  • How to make Pinterest trust you by verifying your website. Also what rich pins are and how to get them
  • Why Pinterest SEO is so important. How to find the right keywords and where to use them
  • What kind of boards you need to create and how to do so
  • How to create pins that convert
  • How to make your website Pinterest friendly
  • Everything you need to know about Pinterest group boards
  • How to save time and boost your traffic with a scheduler
  • How to get followers on Pinterest

Started your blog but hardly getting traffic? This course is for you. Grab it now here!

I hope you were able to choose a free blogging course that fits your need. Now let’s move on to the paid blogging courses you can take to level up your blogging journey and monetize it!

Best Paid Blogging Courses

Paid Blogging Courses

Course Creator: Crystal Paine

Price: $17.00

If you have a limited budget, this is the right blogging course for you! Crystal Paine answers your hot questions of whats, hows, and whys of blogging. Inside the course, you’ll get:

  • 5 comprehensive daily lessons about the essentials of blogging
  • Actionable daily assignments to keep you on the fast track
  • Additional links and resources for each day, if you’d like to dig deeper on a subject
  • Easy-to-use glossaries to ensure you understand the lessons
  • Printable blog launch checklist to walk you step-by-step through the blog launch process
  • Bonus access to “How to Make a Full-Time Income from Home” series videos for extra encouragement and tips!
  • FREE access to “10 Ways to Make Money with your Blog” Cheat Sheet
  • FREE access to the YBU (Your Blogging University) learning platform
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access

Take a look the what people  are saying on the testimonials here. You can click here to check out the course too.

Course Creator: Suzi Whitford

Price: $18.00

This is the very first course I purchased when I’m starting my blog! And even as of today I still refer back to it because of the value it provides. This is good for new and intermediate blogger who wants to monetize their blog. In this Ebook, you’ll get:

I’d say this is the best $18 you’ll invest into! Go ahead and click here to check it out.

Course Creator: Crystal Paine

Price: $37.00

Another amazing course from Crystal Paine! This course is a beginner level blogging course that would help you set up your blog for success the easy way! Now it is recommended that you take this course if:

  • You don’t currently own a blog and you’d really like to start one up, but have no idea where to start or how to do it.
  • You’d love to have help going step by step through the process of setting up your blog so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.
  • You get overwhelmed with too much tech-y lingo and just need a straight-forward, easy-to-understand guide to help you get your blog set up.

Blog Start-Up 101 is created as a more in-depth follow-up to the 5 Days to a Successful Blog Launch mini-course.

Similarly, it also provides huge amount of value that would help you set up you blog in no time! So here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • Detailed lessons and video tutorials
  • How to set up your web hosting and domain name
  • What WordPress is and how to install and navigate it on your website
  • How to create, edit, and publish your first blog post (yay!)
  • Why you need an email newsletter, how to get yours set up, and the top tips for a successful newsletter
  • What social media you should be using, how to get your blog connected to the different social media platforms, and some of the best practices for social media
  • Plus, a number of bonus videos covering additional how-to’s to help boost your blogging know-how!

Course Creator: Crystal Paine

Price: $37.00

When I started blogging, I thought being able to write the content you want to share is enough. But boy, I was wrong again! When I enrolled in this course, it helped me a lot in creating my content. Content Creation 101 will help you to:

  • Write effective, engaging blog posts that leave your readers wanting more—no copywriting experience necessary
  • Design a content system that helps you streamline your workflow
  • Boost your blog posts’ effectiveness with images and links
  • Promote your content so you can increase your reach
  • Organize your content so it’s easier for your readers to find the posts they want
  • Stay inspired as a blogger so you never run out of content ideas!


Course Creator: Crystal Paine

Price: $37.00

Confused how to use WordPress? Wasted tons of time, days, weeks figuring out how to use WordPress? I know, I’ve been there too. And this course will help you launch your blog on WordPress without wasting time. This Worpress course will help you to:

  • Navigate WordPress so you never get lost again!

  • Configure your WordPress settings to maximize your use of this robust blogging tool

  • Use the WordPress editor to create and publish your blog posts so you can get your unique, inspiring thoughts to your audience with ease!

  • Create and publish new pages on your website so you can build your site just the way you want

  • Install your favorite WordPress theme so you can customize the look of your website

  • Manage your blog comments so you can stay connected to your audience

  • Maintain your website so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is performing at its best!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and every course update

If you’re ready to demystify WordPress, this course is right for you. Take advantage of this insanely low price in exchange for the value you’ll get! You can enroll here.

This is an all-in course every blogger must have! Great for every beginner or intermediate blogger. It includes setting up your Worpress blog, know what plugins you need, create exciting content that people actually want to read.

And not only that, but you’ll also learn how to strategically market your blog, conquer email marketing and find your best forever customers, and get the tools that you needed to scale your business.

So here’s what you’ll get inside the membership: 

  • Video and text walk-throughs of lessons to start, grow and monetize your blog
  • Beginner Blogger Roadmap to help you figure out where you are and where you need to go next
  • 30 Days to Start Your Blog Interactive Calendar
  • Gives you the exact tools that you need at each step
  • DWY – “Done With YOU” – Encourages you to really understand how and why your blog functions the way it does so that you can confidently scale your business
  • Having a monthly membership allows you to have control of the content you need to access when you need it – without spending thousands on individual courses
  • Live monthly training sessions and Masterclasses
  • Support in an exclusive Facebook group
  • Opportunity to earn a 30-minute blog mentoring call with Sasha each month

Take a further look of what you’ll get inside. You can join the membership here.

Course Creator: Suzi Whitford

Price: $97

Blog by Number Course is best for all busy moms who wanted to start their blog! This blog is for those who only have an hour to work on a side hobby. Inside the course, you’ll get Click by click – over the shoulder – video tutorials + worksheets + ebook + premade templates + stock images!

Inside this course, you’ll get:

  • 65+ Step by Step Tutorial Videos
  • Learn How to Edit Pictures For Free
  • 20 Free Stock Images
  • Blog by Number ebook
  • How to Make Money with a Blog
  •  Complete blog template with fill in the blank blog posts already created for you!
  • Fill in the blank blog posts. Three blog posts that are essential to write before you launch your blog.
  • Course cheat sheet
  • BONUS #1: How to Sell Printables on Your Blog
  • BONUS #2: blog post ideas for the next 10 years! You’re set here.
  • BONUS #3: How to Sell Services on Your Blog

This is a complete blogging course every beginner blogger should take. Take a look inside of the course curriculum and the bonuses inside. Click here to check it out.

Course Creator: Cate Rosales

PRICE: $147

Becoming a blogger is one of the best courses around! Cate Rosales is a very successful blogger and in her course, she’ll teach you the exact system that she used to create her blog, start her business, and start making money from her blog. Inside her course, you’ll get access to her best tips, tricks, and tools to start your successful blog.

Here are the topics this course includes:

  • How to set up your blog the right way
  • How to get free products and cash from doing sponsored posts
  • How to optimize your posts for search engines
  • The top 10 systems that bloggers use to make money online.
  • A step-by-step guide for making money through affiliate marketing.
  • How to use email marketing to grow your blog.
  • A list of the top affiliate networks every blogger should join
  • A list of 50+ sponsored networks every blogger should join
  • A list of 30+ companies that will pay you to write for them
  • Access to 50+ Facebook groups you can use for promotion
  • Access to 60+ Pinterest groups you can use for promotion
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and its future updates

It doesn’t just help you set up your blog. This course helps you all the way to monetizing your blog! Check out the course curriculum here and see for yourself what you’ll get.

Course Creator: Lucrezia

PRICE: $157

You might be wondering why I included this here even though this is not a blogging course. Well, let me tell you that once you decided that you’re going to blog and intended to monetize  it, then you should have legal pages on your blog. 

I suggest you take Lucrezia’s FREE legal course for bloggers for you to understand what’s required by law from you as a blogger and kick-start your compliance to avoid lawsuits, formal complaints and hefty fines.

You as a blogger is required by the law to have these legal pages to protect yourself from getting sued and paying fines. To avoid that, these 4 legal pages are what you need on your blog. I highly recommend Lucrezia’s legal templates because they are very affordable, very easy to add on our website, and will save you from confusion and wasting your time.

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • Privacy Policy template and walk-through (Value: $149.95)
  • Terms & Conditions template – (Value: $279.95)
  • Disclaimers template – (Value: $99.95)
  • Disclosures template – (Value: $99.95)
  • LIFETIME ACCRESS to current and future versions
  • BONUS: Cookie Policy template – (Value: $49.95)
  • BONUS: Specific requirements under the GDPR + no follow links bonus modules – (Value: $125.90)

The total value of these would be $299.95 but you’ll get these for only $157! Again you have an option to take Lucrezia’s FREE legal course. Once you’ve decided to launch your blog, make sure you have legal pages ready on your website. Click here to see the Legal Templates.

I hope you were able to find a blogging course that fits you! Do you have any favorite blogging course? Let me know how did this helps you in choosing the best blogging course for your blog!

Write them down below in the comments! I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Paul @ SideGains

    This is a really useful guide to courses for new blogger Raquel. Thanks.

    In your opinion, what do you believe is the best Pinterest course for bloggers looking to really grow in Pinterest?

    1. Raqz

      I’m glad you find it useful! There are two I can recommend. One is Ell Duclos’ Pinterest course (Affiliate link:, it’s very affordable and gives tons of value! The other one is a course from Monica Froese at Redefining Mom. I’m currently taking her ‘Pin Practical Influence Training’ course, you’ll get tons of actionable items to grow your blog on Pinterest! She also teaches how to leverage ads on Pinterest. You can check out her list of courses here: Let me know if you were able to find one that fits your needs right now.

  2. Akshaya

    Thank you so much for this post ! These are great recommendations and I love Suzi courses

    1. Raqz

      You’re most welcome! Yes, Suzi’s courses are amazing! Not only her courses but the youtube videos as well 🙂

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