How to get more Pinterest followers

How to get more followers on Pinterest

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It’s easy to get more followers on Pinterest if you’re consistent. Especially if you are following a good strategy and set up your Pinterest account the right way.

In this blog, I will teach you how you can gain more Pinterest followers. One thing you should remember is Pinterest is not social media. It is a visual search engine and so follower(s) is not the only way your content will be seen by a larger audience.

But if your profile has a lot of followers, you will be seen as a person with authority and an expert in your field. So let’s dive in and know the factors that will help you get more followers!

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How Does Pinterest Followers Work?

I mentioned earlier that on Pinterest, followers are not so much important for people to see your content. But it will help people to see you as a person of authority in your niche.
And also it feels good if you see that you have more followers on Pinterest. It means that people want to see more of your content. They love your content and see you as a person who knows what you’re saying.
But how does it work on Pinterest if followers are not that important? One article from Tailwind says that Pinterest distributes your content to your followers first. So what’s important is the level of engagement from your followers. Not so much with how many number of followers you do have.

We distribute your content to your followers first to figure out what’s resonating. From there, we distribute your best-performing Pins to other people who are looking for ideas like yours.

So that is how Pinterest followers work! Your followers must be engaging with your content, or else your content will not be distributed to more people.
So if ever you saw your Pinterest followers drop, don’t stress yourself out. You should be happy because those people that are not even sharing your content are now gone! You don’t want any followers who would never engage in your content. So that’s okay if some people unfollow you.
So now that we know how Pinterest followers work, we’ll now work on your profile how you can attract those followers who would love your content.

How To Get Noticed on Pinterest?

To attract more followers using your Pinterest profile, you can do the following:

Use Keywords

You need to remember that most of the activity on Pinterest happens in search! So you should add those keywords in the following areas:

  • Pinterest Name
  • Pinterest Bio
  • Board Name
  • Board Description
  • Pin Titles
  • Pin Descriptions

So that when your ideal audience searches for the keyword they are looking for, you have a huge chance of showing up in the search results.


This is also important for you to get noticed on Pinterest and not just blend in. For the followers to notice you, you must brand your pins. You must use consistent colors, font, and the logo that you use across your pins. As well as branded board covers, and your website.


Start branding your pins now. So that when someone sees your pin, they will recognize that it yours by looking at it. And if that person likes your content and sees you on the search results, chances are they will choose your pin because they recognize that it’s yours.

Now that you are starting to get noticed on Pinterest, let’s learn more about how you can increase your Pinterest followers.

How can I increase my followers on Pinterest?

You’ve added keywords where it should be. You add a brand to your pins and profile. Now you must pin consistently.

Pinning Consistently

One key to getting more Pinterest followers is to be consistent. Be consistent in showing up those pins to your target audience. You can create a schedule strictly for creating pins.

Now if you don’t have time in creating pin images or you just hate creating pins, you can take a look at my pin creation services. I’ll create beautiful pin graphics for you, create SEO optimized pin title and pin description.

But if you love pin templates like me, Nadalie Bardo offers a very affordable 20 Canva pin templates! You can check them out here. I highly recommend you check out her click-worthy pin templates. It will save you tons of time!

You have an option to do manual pinning or use scheduling tools that would help you spread out the pins you created. The most recommended Pinterest scheduling tool is Tailwind. It’s free for your first 100 pins and you can upgrade anytime to a paid version which is $9.99 a month (if billed annually). 

Use Pinterest SEO and Hashtags

I already mentioned earlier to use and add keywords in your Pinterest profile and several places. I can’t emphasize enough how important keywords are on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine so for you to show up on the search results, add those keywords!

Keywords in Pin Title

Pin Title only has 100 characters so you must use and add keywords on it! In creating pin titles, you need to be specific what you pin is all about and what your readers will get. Entice your readers and make your title interesting! Once you fill what your audience is looking for and they like your content, they will follow you in return to see more of your articles.

Keywords in Pin Description

This is where you describe to your audience what your pin is all about. So this has to be direct to the point. Include hashtags at least 3 to 5 hashtags but not more than that.
Pin Description is only up to 500 characters. The first 50-60 characters are most likely to show up in people’s feeds. So you should be wise in creating the first 50-60 characters in your description. In this way, you’ll show up on search results if you consistently add those keywords in your pin title & pin description.

Pinterest Hashtags

Ever wonder how hashtags work on Pinterest? Tailwind explains that when you searched for a hashtag on Pinterest, it will show you all the newest pin with that hashtags. I don’t usually use this but some people do. It’s one good way for your pin to show up on your target audience and make them your follower.

Know Your Target Audience

You need to know your target audience because it will give you ideas about what their pain points are. What are they looking for on Pinterest? What are they searching for? You’ll likely see it when you look at their boards and what are they pinning. From there you can create boards that match their interest and catches their eyes.

Follow Your Competitor’s Follower

To increase your Pinterest followers, you can also follow your competitor’s followers. You can look at the profile of the people within your niche and see who’s following them. To do this, you can search for a keyword on the search tab and change the dropdown category to “People”. Then people who have that same keyword on their profile will show up

list of people showing up on pinterest search

You can click on one of these profiles and see the people following them. Most likely, people following them are interested in the topic that he/ she is writing about. When you are on one of the profiles that you chose, just go to “Community” and you’ll see the people following that person.

You can choose whomever you want to follow that would be interested in your content.

Re-pin Other People’s Content

One way for you to get noticed by the people you followed is when you repin their pins. You can choose from one of their boards and pins that match your niche or boards and repin that pin. Surely you’ll get noticed by that person!

Attract New Followers With Group Boards

First, you should only join group boards that are niched down and within your niche. If you keep on joining general group boards, chances are, it’ll be a spammy group board and nobody will notice you.

Once you’re in the group board within your niche, not only you can post your pins there, you must also repin other people’s pin. If you keep on pinning valuable content and eye-catching pins, people will notice you. And once they did and see you as a person providing them with valuable content, they will follow you for more.

Use Tailwind Tribes

One great way of getting more Pinterest followers is by pinning to Tailwind Tribes! This also acts the same as group boards. Join only the Tribes within your niche. And make sure that you follow the rules before pinning and joining.
As you pin your own content, you can also repin from other tribemate’s pin. By doing so they would notice you and follow you as well. One of my clients before is doing this strategy to grow her followers. We would follow those people who repin our pins from the tribe.

Post Your Own Content

To grow your Pinterest followers, post your own content. I can’t stress that enough. You go to Pinterest to promote your own content, not others. It’s nice to repin valuable content that you think is valuable to you and your followers. But it’s wise if you take time and create your own content and Pin them on Pinterest.

If you can’t find time managing your Pinterest account or creating fresh pins, you can take a look at my services. I can manage and grow your Pinterest account so you can focus on creating more content. Now if you just struggle in creating fresh pins, I offer pin creation services too! Or you can take a look at Nadalie Bardo’s 20 click-worthy Canva Pin templates that saves you tons of time!

Maybe you only have less than 10 blog posts on your website, try to create 3-5 pin images for one blog post. If you do that, you will have more pin images you can share with your group boards and Tailwind Tribes.

To Get More Pinterest Followers, Use Social Media & Email

If you already have your own email list, you can let them know that they can follow you on Pinterest as well! Every email that you will send them you can tell them that they can repin a recent blog post that you created. Or add the links to your social media links below your email so people will know where they can find you.

And if you are a member of any Facebook Groups, I’m sure there are promo days where you can promote on that thread. Use this opportunity to collaborate and ask people to follow you. Tell them what you are about and ask them to follow you. You can follow back in return to those people who follow you.

Use Pinterest Follow Button on Your Site

For people to follow you on Pinterest, you must have a Pinterest follow button on your website. This is an easy setup and you can follow a step-by-step process here.

Once you have it on your website, you can let your readers know that you are on Pinterest too and they can follow you there. You can also ask them to share and repin your blog on Pinterest with a Pinterest Share It button. To do this, you can add a plug-in like Social Warfare for the readers to share your article if they like it.


Now that you learn ways to get more followers on Pinterest, I hope that you’ll implement what you’ve learned. Always remember that Pinterest follower is not the only way for your contents to be seen

You must learn how to use keywords or else your valuable content will not be seen by your audience! Pinterest uses your followers to see if they will engage in your content. If the majority of them are not engaging in your content, then Pinterest will not show your content to a much larger audience.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!
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